Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Worst Jello Salad, or other Thanksgiving abominations

Hey there! Now that I have opened my blog to non-holiday related issues (and I do have issues), a whole new world has opened up. Too bad I can't get my sorry *** to post. If I could just remember my Blogger password without having to look it up, it would be a big help.
Anyway, now that I've announced a departure from holiday-only posts, I want to talk about Thanksgiving. (The Grinch is a contrary person).
So, last year readers chimed in on the Thanksgiving Meal. This year, let's hear about the worst concoction you have either served or been served. Hint: this would probably involve jello, cool whip, miracle whip, crisco, and/or tofu combined in some way with chunks of canned fruit. And, Newscoma, with regard to your comment on my previous post: no adult beverage should ever be combined with Jello.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Holiday Grinch announces changes to blog, name to remain the same.

It used to be about holidays, now it's about every day.
So the holiday theme was seriously limiting. Not to mention all the other non-topical bloggers who opportunistically pounced on seasonal material considered by the Grinch to be proprietary. ENOUGH! There is something to be Grinchy about 'round the clock, (24/7 in '90's parlance). Holiday Grinch will now be a yearroundgrinch.

Here's a taste of what is to come from your Holiday Grinch:

WHEN will Tennessee let us poor suckers buy wine (and liquor) at the grocery store? This is a ridiculous situation and one that is no longer tolerable. How is it that Walgreens, Costco, Whole Foods, Target, Cost Plus, Kroger, Publix, and all the other mega retailers are not actively fighting this?
Is there a grassroots movement a'brewing? Any petitions out there? I'd like to be able to buy some wine with my groceries before I need a scooter to do it.

Coming next week: my rant against scooters.

Oh, and take your Halloween decorations down!

Holiday Grinch