Friday, October 27, 2006

Last Minute Costume Ideas For Grown Ups

It's 5:45 pm on the Friday before Halloween. Do you need to come up with an adult (not XXX, you dirty) costume for a party?
If so, you're in luck. I have a couple of ideas.

You can go as:

1. George W.,
Just get a bucket of sand and stick your head in it for the entire party.

2. Laura Bush and/or Katie Holmes,
(or as in "Brangelina," call yourself "Bush-ho" or " KatBush," you get the idea).
Put on a classy outfit and overmedicate. Smile!

3. Madonna and Child not the CHRISTMAS one silly, the one with the new African baby!

4. LiLo (aka Lindsay Lohan).
Get a wax. Go commando. In a dress.

1 comment:

sista smiff said...

Just don't do like I did and go into Party City, Friday evening at the middle of pouring rain...hoping to get a costume in time for a 6:00 party.

Somebody shoulda just shot me.