Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What's Your Ideal Thanksgiving?

STUFFING: Cornbread or Oyster?
TURKEY: Fresh or Frozen?
POTATOES: Sweet or Mashed?
BREAD: Biscuits or Rolls?
BEVERAGE: Sweet Tea or Champagne?
CASSEROLE: Green Bean or Squash?
PIE: Pumpkin or Pecan?
AT TABLE: Friends or Family?
TABLETOP: Good China or Chinet?
ON TV: Macy's Parade or Football?
DINNERTIME: Noon or Later?
JELLO SALAD: Tradition or Unforgiveable?
PRAYER: Blessing or Curse?
ATTIRE: Casual or Dressy?
AFTER DINNER: Pants Undone or Out for a Walk?
LEFTOVERS: Keep or Share?


Sean Carter said...

Tough decisions....well if you are looking for some great suggestions on Thanksgiving then just visit my Thanksgiving Blog and find out all you need....well visit soon and have a great Thanksgiving!!!

sista smiff said...

One, in the South, it's "Dressing" and it must be of the cornbread variety.

As far as taters go, we have both at our Thanksgivings.

No biscuits on Thanksgiving.

Beverage-no alcohol at our Thanksgiving. Usually, everbody grabs the carbonated can of their choice or it's sweet tea.

Casserole-Lots of times there are both squash and green bean, but, what really makes it is my Broccoli, Cheese & Rice Casserole.

At our table, you will usually find both family and friends. Friends whose families are too far away for them to be with, we always invite.

It may not be good china, but, usually, it's real plates instead of pretend ones.

On TV, it's not Thanksgiving unless the parade is on. I may not watch the whole thing, but, I have it on in the background always. I personally, could care less about football, but, others in my home do.

Dinnertime is usually 1:00.

Jello Salad is always present.

Many thanks to God...no curses.

The Smiff's are casual on Thanksgiving, but, the pants get undone after we eat. If there are any leftovers left, we always get to bring some home, although this year, I'm making my own turkey,dressing and gravy solely for the purpose of us having leftovers since last year there were so many people, there was not one leftover left.

Holiday Grinch said...

Yum, Smiff! Although I would add biscuits and brownbagging;)

jag said...

What the crap is oyster stuffing?

We do ham, mainly, with a small turkey breast for tradition's sake; mashed potatoes; rolls; wine; green bean casserole; followed usually bt both pumpkin & pecan pies and shared with any family that's in town along with friends who would like to come.

Definitely casual, with pants undone.

Leftovers? In our family of gluttons? What's that?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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newscoma said...

STUFFING: Cornbread
TURKEY: Fresh or Frozen Dead. Just want it not of the living and no zombie turkeys either. They freak me out.
POTATOES: Sweet or Mashed? Both. I like 'em both but no marshmallows on the sweet potatoes.
BREAD: Rolls
BEVERAGE: Champagned
PIE: Pumpkins
AT TABLE: Friends
ON TV: Football
JELLO SALAD: Unforgiveable
PRAYER: Blessing
ATTIRE: Casual
AFTER DINNER: Pants Undone or Out for a Walk? UNDONE
LEFTOVERS: I'd rather share it with other folks.

ceeelcee said...

A recent addition is the National Dog Show after the parade, but before the football games.

We boo the little yippy dogs.

Kate O' said...

I'm not much for Thanksgiving, actually, but the food can be pretty tasty.

But I don't want to choose one or the other on a lot of these. What can I say? I'm a both/and kind of girl.

STUFFING: Any without meat
TURKEY: Tofurkey
POTATOES: Both Sweet and Mashed -- but mostly sweet
BREAD: Both Biscuits and Rolls -- a little bit of each
BEVERAGE: Sweet Tea and then plenty of Champagne and coffee with dessert
CASSEROLE: Both Green Bean and Squash -- but mostly Green Bean
PIE: Pumpkin and Pecan -- small slice of each... and there has to be plenty of chocolate, too
AT TABLE: Friends, mostly, maybe Family, too
TABLETOP: Good China
ON TV: Nothing
JELLO SALAD: I'll pass
PRAYER: I'll pass
AFTER DINNER: Out for a Walk

You missed the cranberry sauce. There has to be lots of cranberry sauce, with lots of cranberry pieces.

Busy Mom said...

Yes, please.